About Us
About Us

The Winery

Mention winemaking in Malta, and the name Marsovin immediately springs to mind. Marsovin has today achieved renown not only among the Maltese people for the quality and variety of its range of wines, but also for its pioneering success on both local and international fronts.

Over 100 years have passed since Chevalier Anthony Cassar first started out as a small wine producer collecting grapes from local farmers and producing wine which was then sold and distributed to shops using horse-drawn carts. Throughout successive generations, technology and standards were developed into a more modern and superior quality winery, adapting the business to the demands of more modern times. Today, the tradition continues with Marsovin holding a leading place as a modern winery producing premium wines, with Jeremy Cassar, the founder’s great grandson, at its helm.


Estates & Cellars

Today, Marsovin owns over 199 tumuli of land which make up five private estates in Malta and Gozo, specifically intended for the production of premium quality, single-estate wines. The wine cellars are situated in a building dating to the Order of St. John , home to over 220 oak barrels used for premium red wine ageing. The Marsovin estates and cellars are a testimony to Marsovin's commitment to the culture of wine.

Marsovin welcomes you to visit our cellars and experience this truly idyllic setting, while sampling our premium wines. Our staff will  guide you through a wine tasting session where you can learn how to truly appreciate, enjoy and taste wine. Bookings need to be made in advance on +356 7923 1919 or email cellars@marsovinwinery.com